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ZenoRobotics, LLC

Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions


Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

Here at ZenoRobotics, LLC, we have the know how and experience for all of your robotic needs. Whether it be a fully autonomous ground or air robotic system prototype development, a simulation environment development (using ROS, Mavros, Mavlink, PX4, QGC, RVIZ, Gazebo, C++, and/or Python) or a partial hardware/software component design. Please contact us for details on pricing.

Beginner Learning Platforms

Custom Systems

We are your one stop for realizing your autonomous mobile robot needs.  Whether they are DIY projects or turnkey custom solutions.


Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Hardware Platforms

ZenoRobitics' first AMR platforms the Tankbot and ZRbot are now available with a lead build time of 3 weeks max. The code for the Arduino Mega is free and can be found at:

Partial Parts List:

RPLidar A1

RaspberryPi 4B - 4GB Main memory

Clear Case with Fan

RPi 5MP Camera

64 GB MiniSD Memory Card

Arduino Mega

MPU 6050 IMU

12v DC Motors w/ Encoders Motor Controller

IR Decoder

Custom made aluminum alloy frame


Comes with the Ubuntu 16.04 OS image, Kinetic ROS, ROSSERIAL and all the other software & scripts you need preinstalled on the SD Card, as well as Arduino code that can be downloaded. Purchase of the Learning Bot also includes 2 hours of Zoom and/or other medium of support from ZenoRobotics.

Ordering can be done below or uder the Shop Section (tab on top).

Software Design

We offer custom software design services, as well as open source software we have developed for our prototype robots. ZenoRobotics maintains a Github repository, which includes some basic robot operating system (ROS) simulation code, ROS hardware platform code, and ROSSERIAL code, to name a few examples.


Online and On-Site Courses

Sensors and Actuators Lab - Through instruction and hands on lab, learn how to  interface an Arduino with typical sensors and actuators found on today's autonomous mobile robots.